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Cobras and Páginas - Converse About Brazilian Novelas [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Cobras and Páginas [Aug. 29th, 2006|10:26 am]
Converse About Brazilian Novelas
I was pretty miffed at the idea of using the whole "I'll put you in the psych ward yet again" idea. That is getting extremely old and not showing much creativity. The novela is supposed to last until November, so I have heard, and I really hope they find new and creative ways to shut people up...because the psych ward is not doing a damn thing for me anymore. Isntead I just rolled my eyes and sighed heavily. However, on a plus note, I am enjoying seeing Bel not so annoyingly nice...she is just normal now. Plus, she looks great in those sweatpants. haha.

Concerning Páginas da vida...I am loving how they show both sides of the stories. Especially stories concerning cheating. It is refreshign to see the side of the other woman who is tormented over her feelings for the married man. But it shows that it is possibly true love, not just some quick sex, or a need for something new in her life. It shows the reality of some cheating cases.

[User Picture]From: dorminhoco
2006-08-29 02:58 pm (UTC)
yeah i agree, cobras is getting repetitive, and Ellen is really bugging me, why doesnt Foginho realise that she wont say anything cuz if she does then SHE LOSES EVERYTHING TO!

& i really like Páginas da vida now, & i think that Clara is the cutest girl ive ever seen! shes soo adorible. and i like how the story lines are really different yet realistic, unlike some of the cobras ones, that u think..."yeah okay, like they would actualy do that!"
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From: nudelady
2006-09-01 03:56 pm (UTC)
you know, cobras is my favorite novela actually...but there are just a few little things that coul really be looked at to make it spectacular! and i know exactly waht you mean about Foginho not saying anything...it doesn't all add up.

Clara IS the cutest girl EVER...i completely agree. were you shocked when you found out about the mom of Luciano (that is the new neighbor's name, right?I can't quite remember now)? I wasn't expecting the novela to take on such a shocker of a story line. I thought it would be too far out there for the novela...but i think it is going to work in its favor actually. i am excited to see what happens.

Sorry for not getting more people to join yet. i have so little time to advertise right now. but at least i have one person to converse about this stuff with! thanks! go ahead and advertise if you have time or the want to. :)
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[User Picture]From: dorminhoco
2006-09-01 04:03 pm (UTC)
well, here the novela is one or 2 episodes behind, & Lucianos mom just got in yesterday, but i missed all of yesterdays novelas, because of something wrong w/ the vcr. but oooo what happened w/ his mom. i was so excited when i found out who was doing it, i walked around telling my family NAZARE!!! :P
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[User Picture]From: dorminhoco
2006-09-01 04:05 pm (UTC)
oh yeah, i ment to ask you, would you like me to help you out w/ a layout for hte community or anything? id honestly LOVE to take part in this in anyway, whether its admining or just helping out w/ layouts and graphics or whatever u need.
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